Orlando, FL – November 2004 – The tragedies of this year’s hurricane season were felt hardest in the Caribbean Island of Grenada. While the loss of cable television to all of the island inhabitants if minuscule when compared to the loss of life and massive destruction to property, Multicom’s connection to the cable television operator in this small Caribbean island nation brought the plight of many of the island’s residents to the forefront.

As an active member of the Caribbean Cable Television Association (CCTA), Multicom has been able to connect with many of the regions operators including, Grenada Cablevision. After learning about the tragedy in Grenada, Multicom President Sherman Miller, stated, “it is extremely important to act directly and try to bring some relief to many of the island’s residents of which Multicom has been involved with over the past several years.”

Although, the communication lines where severely impaired, with the help from the CCTA, Multicom was able to contact Mr. Hugh Dolland, Grenada Cablevision President. Mr. Dolland explained that his company had been severely impacted and many of his employees had lost everything. Multicom pledged and delivered several boxed containing basic everyday clothing and other necessities, including toiletries, directly to Grenada Cablevision so that they could be distributed to their employees.

It will be some time before Grenada can recuperate from this tragedy. Grenada Cablevision is dedicated to rebuilding their system so that they can restore cable television to their residents as quickly as possible. All of us can imagine many things far worse than losing cable TV, however, having this service restored is just one more of the little things that will help Grenada get back to normal. With the support of the CCTA and its members, lets hope that Mr. Dolland can accomplish this in the shortest of time frames.

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