Orlando, FL – June 2011 Multicom is proud to announce late-breaking innovations from the Multicom Development Labs – the groundbreaking MrM™ (Multicom Remote Monitoring) True 24×7, minute-by-minute, proactive monitoring and automated intervention services for Hospitality High Definition TV (HDTV) Systems now includes monitoring and alerting for additional hospitality venue services:

  • HDTV
  • Internet
  • Power
  • Environmental: temperature, humidity, dewpoint

Hotels are monitored, issues detected, and depending on the system, automated resolution completed and/or alerts are sent to support personnel to address the potential issues before they become guest-affecting. MrM™ also features a state-of-the-art, real-time Hotel Webportal – constantly displaying system status, issues, alerts, activities, and other details and includes compatibility with all popular smartphones (iPhone™, Blackberry™, Android™, etc.), and tablets, including the iPad™.

MrM™ provides True 24×7 minute-by-minute proactive monitoring and automated issue resolution services for Multicom’s recently announced Mpro-HD™ HDTV Hospitality Solution and for many other existing HDTV system installations. Other HDTV installations which use Pro:Idiom® EQAMs can be supported with an inexpensive equipment upgrade.

MrM™ utilizes sophisticated equipment and a national Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide remote monitoring, issue detection, and problem resolution – eliminating most manual intervention and headend-related truck rolls. On a minute-by-minute basis all HD video performance data, site services, and environmental measurements are collected, analyzed, stored online and available in real time. Issues are automatically detected and addressed, trends are discovered and corrected or alerts sent – all to proactively eliminate service disruptions, manual interventions, expensive truck rolls, and to ensure satisfied hospitality customers.

“Multicom Development Lab’s MrM™ for the hospitality industry is a ground-breaking innovation. As one of the most advanced systems of its kind, continually evolving, it uses the latest in software technology to support a worry-free HDTV solution, and now incorporates other vital hotel systems, providing cost savings and peace of mind for hotel management, and ensuring happy hotel customers” said Sherman G. Miller, Multicom’s President and CEO.

Established in 1982 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, Multicom maintains sales offices, rep agencies and sub-distributors throughout North and Latin America. Multicom stocks over 13,000 products from more than 270 of the world’s major manufacturers which are used to acquire, process, and distribute audio, video, data, energy, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable. Its affiliate company, Mconnect, Inc. provides Next Level VoIP residential, business, and hospitality telephone services through integrators, retailers, and cable operators.

For more information, call 1-800-423-2594, e-mail to mprohd@multicominc.com or visit www.mprohd.com and www.multicominc.com