Orlando, FL – June 2010 Multicom is proud to announce another innovative addition to its value-priced product line – the new, M-CEFMOD Channel Elimination/Insertion system for CATV applications. The M-CEFMOD is ideally suited for use in applications where a television channel must be eliminated to make way for the insertion of a local or premium channel of content.

The M-CEFMOD Channel Elimination/Insertion system features the ability to remove a digital or analog signal, reinsert a premium digital channel (in an analog format) or a locally originating signal on any desired channel from 2 through 53. This is all done within a single unit which is available in either a one RU rackmount or as a wallmount unit. No expensive processors are required.

Schools are using the M-CEFMOD for broadcasting local school news channels instead of the standard cable programming. MDU’s are adding security camera and directory channels to their CATV programming. Hotels and motels are providing premium digital channels on several analog channels without having to add set top boxes to every room or changing out television sets. Hospitals and nursing homes are adding directory/facility information channels to their programming.

“The M-CEFMOD Channel Elimination/Insertion system is easy-to-deploy, simple to use, compact, perfect for a wide variety of customer local channel applications, is very inexpensive, and it is made in America. Multicom continues to innovate with its many product and service offerings.,” said Sherman G. Miller, Multicom’s President and CEO.

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