Orlando, FL – October 2006 – Multicom, a manufacturer and distributor of broadband products, is excited to announce its new line of “High Performance, Low-Cost” outdoor taps and passives.

These high-performing taps and passives feature 5-1000 MHz bandwidth, 15-amp current capacity, epoxy sealed nickel-plated brass “F” ports with blocking capacitors, power passing capability for continuous through signal when faceplate is removed, a neoprene rubber weather gasket and an RFI shielding gasket. These models are suitable for either aerial or pedestal mounting with rotational seizure mechanism and easy interchangeable 2/4 port faceplates.

Multicom’s MTSAG Series taps are available in two, four, and eight port models, and are compliant with SCTE guidelines.

Click here for the taps data sheet. Click here for the passives data sheet. These data sheets are .pdf formatted and can be viewed in Acrobat Reader.

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