Orlando, FL – 2004 – Multicom, Inc. will demonstrate the product line of cable grade passives and drop amps from RMS Communications at the SCTE – Cable-Tec Expo 2004, Booth 310, June 16-18 in Orlando, Florida.

RMS products are used in the construction or rebuilding of cable TV systems. These products consist primarily of specialized passive and active devices such as low intermodulation splitters and directional couplers, 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-port indoor/outdoor directional taps, line passives, hybrid splitters, connectors filters, isolators, attenuators, drop amplifiers, etc.

rdal1.jpg (10948 bytes)The mini-subscriber amplifier, pictured left, measures 3.9″ x 3.6″ x .8″ and is one of RMS’ newest products and is now available in quantity. This amplifier features passive returns, high gain with low noise figure in 1-, 2- and 4-way outputs.

Multicom, Inc. is a full-line stocking distributor of broadband products for end-to-end integration of communication solutions including, HDTV, VoIP, and high-speed Internet for the cable television (CATV) and traffic signal system industries.

Multicom also designs headend and distribution systems using tradition drafting methods and Auto CAD. All designs include distribution layout, headend block diagram, rack layout and complete priced bill of material. Complete headend assembly is also available including, racking, balancing, custom crating and shipping for a guaranteed Plug & Play solution.