Orlando, FL – Because we are hard-wired to react rather than be proactive, many of us tend to ignore the inevitable until the reality of a deadline hits us square in the face. Digital Transition? February 17, 2009? Heck, that’s not for another 250 days, says the myriad of countdown clocks on websites throughout our industry. That’s a lot of time to figure the whole thing out… or is it?

Because every application has its own scenario and because every scenario has its roots in reality – every scenario has a logical solution. That’s a fact. But because scenarios differ, everyone thinks that theirs is unique. The truth is, almost all of the possible Digital Transition scenarios fall into simple categories. Once these categories are discovered, the solutions reveal themselves and the first-step to find the solution become easier to visualize and implement.

Multicom understands this and has come up with an easy way for cable operators to discover what scenario they are dealing with, and how best to resolve the situation, all within 250 days. The scenarios are listed on the Multicom website with block diagrams and component information that tackle the Digital Transition head-on while providing reliable solutions.

By breaking down each scenario into the two major components: reception and viewing location, a cable operator can see what’s necessary to make the transition. As an example: If reception is Digital Off-Air, and the viewing location is an analog TV set, and you are converting the signal at the headend – what do you do? What if you are converting the signal at the TV set? Each of these scenarios are defined and then examined – and a resolution is suggested.

The Digital Transition Guide is also available on CD and will be sent out for free.

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