ALERT! Are you aware that ZTE and Huawei have been selling equipment to North Korea and Iran? As of now, Huawei is banned from selling their products in the US, and the US is banning the sales of technologies to ZTE. Companies are already pulling their equipment and replacing it with USA made, 100% compliant equipment made by Zhone. Read more…

Multicom – Your Full Solutions Provider for FTTH Products & Services is Now Offering FTTH Starter Kits for GPON

It’s been three decades in the making, but Fiber To The Home (FTTH), has finally fully arrived and is transforming the communication environment worldwide. FTTH represents the most radical upgrade to the access network since the deployment of the cellular infrastructure in the 1980s and 90s. Like cellular, FTTH is having a deep impact on the entire supply chain, including technology vendors and network operators.

We have heard from many of our customers that they are looking for an easy-to-deploy, all inclusive package that includes hardware, software, support and warranty

Together with Dasan Zhone, Multicom has come up with an FTTH Solution that fits nearly every network environment and budget – FTTH Starter Kits.

Each of the 4 Kits:

  • Serves 10 homes initially
  • Growth up to 256 homes
  • Complete with a 1RU GPON OLT, ONTs, Software, Remote training and Extended support
  • There are 4 Kit Options:
    • KIT 1: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS)
    • KIT 2: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + RF
    • KIT 3: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + WiFi
    • KIT 4: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + RF & WiFi
All Kits Include: Description KIT 1
ZMS-VA-5000 Software
SVC-MAINT Warranty
SVC-REMOTE Extended Support for:
Training & Installation
ONTs – Each Kit includes a different ONT
ZNID-GPON-2424A1-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS      
ZNID-GPON-2425-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus RF
ZNID-GPON-2726-A1–NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus WiFi
ZNID-GPON-2427A-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus RF & WiFi

Kit Options:

  • KIT 1: PN: MUL-MXK-GPON-256KIT-MLC – Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS)
    KIT 1: NCTC Item Code: 138197
  • KIT 2: PN: MUL-MXK-GPON-256KIT-RF – Base Package + RF
    KIT 2: NCTC Item Code: 138199
  • KIT 3: PN: MUL-MXK-GPON-256KIT-W – Base Package + WiFi
    KIT 3: NCTC Item Code: 138198
  • KIT 4: PN: MUL-MXK-GPON-256KIT-RF-W – Base Package + RF & WiFi
    KIT 4: NCTC Item Code: 138200

Proudly made in the USA

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To learn more about the FTTH Starter Kits, give us a call: 800-423-2594, or Contact Us