There is a wide range of services which can benefit from having access to VDSL2 networks. These specialized networks can easily make it possible for these services to have a fast and active connection whenever they need it. The following are known VDSL2 beneficiary technologies:

HDTV Television Service – Since HDTV must be transmitted in a digital format, it is often offered through a cable connection. The best and fastest commercially available option is through VDSL2 which would offer flawless transmission of HDTV signals. This is one of the entertainment services which benefits the most through access to such a high bandwidth connection.

Telephone Service – Traditional telephone service can also be routed through the extremely fast connection offered through VDSL2. This is not a perfect technology and will only sound higher quality if the other number is routed through a fast connection as well. This can be integrated into massive call centers where the phone lines go through the VDSL2 service connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol
 – This is another popular option which is available through VDSL2 with much better sound during calls. The instant connection to both digital lines and traditional phone lines offers the highest quality sound when using VDSL2 services. The results with this option will be highly variable and depend on the quality of the connection of the party that is being called/is calling through the VoIP connection.

The 1U SLMS DSLAM family of products provides scalable ADSL2+, SHDSL, and VDSL2 (with or without built-in POTS splitters) density options to meet the needs of smaller deployments both in-building and in remote cabinets. The 1U family includes support for FE/GE uplinks and GPON uplink and a full suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities.
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