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ZyPer4K™ Distributes Uncompressed, 4K Video Over a Standard 10Gb Switch

ZyPer4K by ZeeVee allows for the distribution and switching of high definition uncompressed video, audio, and other data signals using ZyPer4K encoder and decoder modules and off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches (both fiber and copper). Features include:

  • Uncompressed UltraHD (4K/30) video, audio, and control using off-the-shelf (OTS) 10Gb Ethernet switches
  • Support for both analog and digital audio
  • Supports stereo and embedded audio channels up to 7.1 channels
  • 1GbE network port exposed on all encoders and decoders
  • Source and display control (Infrared and RS232)
  • HDCP v1.x and v2.x compliant
  • API for system control/monitoring using either ZeeVee management platform, 3rd party control systems or applications (AMX, Crestron, iOS, Android).
  • ZyPer4K can also be used in a point-to-point configuration to encode a 4K video source across a dedicated fiber connection to a display up to 30km away.

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ZyPerMX Encoder ZyPerHD Encoder ZyPer4k HDMI 1.4 CAT 6a USB Encoder ZyPer4k HDMI 1.4 Fiber Encoder
IP Network Requirement 100/1000 1Gig 10Gig 10Gig
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1200 1920 x 1200 3840 × 2160 3840 × 2160
Dolby Digital 7.1 Audio
Maximum Cable Distance Up to 100 Meters Up to 100 Meters Up to 100 Meters Up to 80 Kilometers
Maximum Video Wall Screen Support Up to 16 (4×4) Up to 25 (5×5) Up to 25 (5×5)
1Gb Network Port
Dual Band Infra-Red Support
RS-232 Support

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