AFL – FCXXXXXX – Multi-Centric Entry Grommet Kits

  • All Peel and Seal Grommet Systems support loose tube, core tube, dielectric and armored cable designs
  • Installation and re-entry using common hand tools
  • Accepts wide range of cable diameters
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Fits existing AFL sealed closures
  • Fully sealed to protect fiber and splices ensuring longevity
  • Full conversion kits and dual cable entry port kits
  • Designed and tested to Telcordia GR-771 & RUS 515 closure requirements


To further enhance AFL’s Sealed Closure product, AFL Telecommunications in conjunction with Mar-Don Corporation has developed a new cable sealing grommet technology for the AFL Sealed Fiber Optic Closures called “Peel and Seal”. The improved sealing technology utilitizes MULTICENTRIC Grommets to eliminate the need for the time consuming task of installing washers and messy sealing tapes for cable entry. By using conversion kits, the standard LG100-U-0, LG200-U-0, LG300-U-0 and LG300XL-U-0 closures can utilize this exciting new grommet technology without requiring a special closure. The new closures, LG-150, LG-250, LG-350 and LG-350XL, are equipped with the Peel and Seal system. The kits are configured in single cable and dual cable entry into the same cable port. MULTICENTRIC Grommets are designed to accept a wide range of cable diameters without ordering a specific diameter grommet. At this time, only single cable seals are available.

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