ASKA – RFDM-100 – Digital Modulator Single Input

  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Professional picture quality
  • Covers UHF Channels 14-74 and CATV ULTRA Channels 65-135
  • LED channel display
  • FCC approved for RFDM-1 and RFDM-3
  • Combined stereo input to Mono
  • Eprom channel memory
  • Multiple TV distribution
  • RFDM-1 Output channel selectable by built-in switch on front panel
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The RFDM-1 and RFDM-3 modulates a video and left/right audio signal of VCR, satellite receivers, security camera, etc. to a user selected TV channels. RFDM-1 is a single input Mono Modulator. RFDM-3 is a 3 channel input Mono modulator. Both modulators incorporates a commercial grade design intended for non-adjacent placement of the modulated channels in any free area of UHF band or the CATV ULTRA band. The channel selection of RFDM-1, UHF or CATV ULTRA channels can be done by a built-in switch and the channel is digitally displayed on channel indicator. The agile design provides maximum flexibility while allowing installers to maintain an inventory of only one model to cover all NTSC channels easily

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