ASKA – SSP-8DS – 8-Way Splitter All Ports DC Pass (Diode Steered)

  • Tongue & groove housing design provides high RFI Shielding for -130 dB, (2-Way and 4-Way splitters only)
  • Nickel plated zinc die-cast housings for perfect corrosion protection and grounding
  • High precision machine threaded F-ports
  • F-ports spaced one inch center to center to accommodate security sleeves and tools
  • Printed circuit board ensures consistent RF performance and high port to port isolation
  • 360 degree F-port base for full seating of sealing sleeve
  • Available in all ports power passive, one port only passive and diode steered all ports power passive models
  • Diode steered model (SSP-2DS, SSP-4DS and SSP-8DS) will pass DC power from any outputs back to input
  • There is 0.8 VDC drop across the diodes which are included to prevent one receiver from passing power back to another receiver
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