Blonder Tongue – BPF-D – Single Channel VHF/FM Bandpass Filter 54-300 MHz

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Designed for Adjacent Channel Use
  • Excellent Rejection of Undesired Signals Outside Passband
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The BPF Series are professional quality, VHF/FM and UHF bandpass filters. These filters provide extremely high rejection of out of band signals and adjacent channels. The BPF-A utilizes a high-Q, six-stage bandpass filter and two phase cancellation traps to provide excellent rejection of out of band signals. The BPF-D features a six pole resonator filter section and a four resonator trap circuit, providing superior rejection of the nearest adjacent carriers (upper adjacent picture and lower adjacent sound). The BPF-U passes a single UHF channel and offers excellent rejection of all channels outside the bandpass of the filter. All of these filters provide exceptional selectivity with minimum insertion loss. The BPF-A and BPF-D are housed in a single height, 1.75″ high, rack mountable, aluminum chassis. The BPF-U is housed in a rugged, die-cast case that can be antenna or flat surface mounted.

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