Blonder Tongue – LDA-50 – Amplifier, Trunk 950-2050 MHz, Sloped 38/50 dB Gain, External PS

  • High Output Capability +1dBm at 2050 MHz
  • High Gain – 52dB at 2050 MHz
  • 15 dB Gain Control Range
  • 12 dB Fixed Slope
  • Aluminum Chassis for Superior Heat Dissipation


The LDA-50 is an L-Band indoor distribution amplifier designed for MDU trunk line applications. It features high gain, high output capability and 950-2050 MHz bandwidth making it compatible in stacked or dual LNB systems. The amplifier has a fixed slope of 12 dB over 950-2050 and 15 dB of gain control range for optimizing to distribution system requirements.

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