Blonder Tongue – MIBR-S4A-210 – Fiber Optic Receiver, 10 Channel 5-250 MHz, Single-mode, 1310 nm, FC/APC Connector

  • Low Cost
  • Up To 10 Channels on One Multimode Fiber
  • 5-250 MHz RF bandwidth
  • 1310nm Operation To 3 KM
  • SIBT/SIBR Designed for Stand Alone Applications
  • MIBT/MIBR fits in our MIRC-12 and FIRC-3 Rack Chassis’ for
  • 19 Inch Rack Mounting


The MIBT/SIBT-S3A-210 series fiber optic transmitters along with the MIBR/SIBR-S4A-210 receivers provide a high-quality system for transporting up to ten TV channels over a single mode optical fiber. With an RF bandwidth from 5 MHz to 250 MHz, these units can transmit sub-band, low-band, FM, mid-band or high-band channels. Optimum performance is achieved when the channel (frequency) plan is within a single octave of bandwidth. The system can transmit signals from a VCR, camcorder or cable television feed over a distance of 10 km on one single mode fiber. Tri-color LED’s are used to indicate optimum RF input level on the transmitters and optical input status on the receivers. Green indicates an acceptable level, red is too high and amber is too low. These products are recommended for use with single mode fibers only and require a minimum fiber bandwidth of 500 MHz.

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