Blonder Tongue – MXF – Modular Single Channel VHF/FM Bandpass Filter 54-216MHz, CHANNELS: 2-6, FMA, FMB, 7-13

  • Modular Bandpass Filters
  • VHF and FM Coverage
  • Applications Include Filtered Channel Combiner and Separator
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The MXF Series are professional quality, modular VHF/FM bandpass filters. This filter system consists of the MXF-B mounting base and up to 8 MXF bandpass filter modules. Filters are available for all of the standard broadcast TV channels (2-13) and two FM bands (88-108 MHz and 92-108 MHz). The MXF System may be used to separate channels from a single broadband antenna or combine two groups of four non-adjacent channels. Two filters are available for adding FM onto a system; FM-A for systems that include TV channel 5 and FM-B for systems that include TV channel 6. The MXF filter modules mount onto the MXF-B mounting base and can also be used as stand-alone filters.

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