CUPIC–F (RDUP PE-39) Interconnect Cable

CONDUCTORS: Solid annealed copper in 19, 22 and 24 AWG.

INSULATION: Conductors are insulated with solid polyolefin, color coded in accordance with industry standards.

TWISTED PAIRS: Individual insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize crosstalk and specific color combinations to provide pair identification.

CORE ASSEMBLY: Cables of 25 pairs or less are assembled into a cylindrical core. Cables larger than 25 pairs are assembled into units, which are then used to assemble the core. Units are individually identifiable by color coded unit binders.

FILLING COMPOUND: The core assembly is filled with an 80°C ETPR compound, completely filling the interstices between the pair and under the core wrap.

CORE WRAP: A non-hygroscopic, dielectric tape is applied over the core assembly to provide thermal protection for the core.

SHIELDING: A corrugated, 5-mil copper tape is applied longitudinally with an overlap. The shield interfaces are flooded.

JACKET: A black, linear low-density polyethylene jacket is applied overall. The jacket provides a tough protective covering designed to withstand exposure to direct sunlight, atmospheric temperature changes and stresses expected in standard installations.

JACKET MARKINGS: Information, such as manufacturer’s identification, pair count, AWG, product identification, sequential footage and a telephone handset is printed at 2 ft. intervals on the cable jacket.


CUPIC-F cables are designed for use in duct or direct burial applications where protection from moisture is required and copper shielding is desired. CUPIC-F may be used aerially, but must be attached to a support strand.

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