Drake – DAD860 – Digital Demodulator – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • The video and stereo audio output of the DAD860 can then be connected to a modulator such as the Drake VMM600 or VMM860 series to remodulate the
    now analog output to the desired off-air or CATV output channel from 54 MHz to 860 MHz in either broadcast or CATV channel plans.
  • The DAD860 output can also be connected to other devices accepting analog video and stereo audio inputs such as video recorders, monitors, etc.
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The Drake DAD860 is a high quality, low noise, frequency agile, digital to analog decoder which was designed to receive digital signals from off-air ATSC broadcast stations or clear QAM CATV systems and decode them to analog NTSC video and stereo audio.

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