Drake -SCT2860 – High Definition Transcoder – Discontinued

For equivalent products, please see the Blonder Tongue or Televes equipment
  • Bandpass flatness and phase noise are very closely controlled to insure a high MER and S/N ratio
  • High output power of +40 dBmV which may be locally or remotely monitored and adjusted
  • Operates in DVB or DigiCipher II modes


The R.L. Drake model SCT2860 is a professional quality, modular, digital headend component providing QPSK or 8PSK input to QAM transmodulation and RF upconversion functions in a single module. Up to ten SCT2860 modules and a power supply module can be accommodated in the RMT150 rack mounting tray, occupying only a 2 unit (3.5 inch) high rack space. The SCT2860 can transcode DigiCipher II or DVB digital satellite signals, included those with advance turbo satellite FEC modes, outputting QAM modulation.

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