DZS – ROADM – RDM and OCM Cards

  • Unrestricted flexibility
  • Network monitoring
  • Power balancing
  • Scalable ROADM sites
  • Reliable infrastructure


Demand for new and changing customer applications requires service providers to deploy networking services with scalable capacity to more destinations cost-effectively. Traditional fixed OADM products cannot provide the scalability or flexibility required, but reconfigurable OADMs (ROADMs) can; Optelian ROADMs provide an essential capability that reduces total cost of ownership, simplifies operations, and delivers rapid time to revenue.

ROADM network elements reduce the complexity of planning, provisioning, maintenance, and growth. The stranded bandwidth associated with fixed and banded network architectures can be eliminated and replaced with all wavelengths available and configurable on-demand at any ROADM site.

In addition to local add and drop capabilities, ROADMs provide channel pass-through capabilities that enable optical mesh networks and extend their reach. This minimizes the need to terminate wavelengths at each site and reduces the quantity of transponders in the network, thereby lowering equipment and operational costs.

Any network capacity and/or bandwidth design can be accommodated with Optelian ROADM support of network fiber overlays and full-spectrum access to all DWDM wavelengths.

  • Unrestricted flexibility – Add, drop, and pass-through DWDM wavelengths at network sites, and remotely reconfigure circuits at any time without visiting the site
  • Network monitoring  – Automatically monitor optical power levels on all wavelengths without requiring an optical spectrum analyzer
  • Power balancing – Perform automatic, per-channel optical power balancing in real-time
  • Scalable ROADM sites – Two-degree and four-degree ROADMs are available to allow multi-degree site deployment. 40-channel and 80-channel cards enable cost-effective deployment.
  • Reliable infrastructure – Leverages mature WSS technology for high reliability and low power utilization
Open ROADM & OCM Spec Sheet