Force – CATVLinx-2807 – PDS/PNS 77/110 Ch. Single-mode Mini-Node Return Path Receiver Transmitter – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please see these products: Fiber Optic Nodes

  • Wide bandwidth of 50 to 860 MHz accommodates up to 110 channels on all models.
  • Provides excellent picture quality with a CNR up to 54.5 dB, CSO of -63, and CTB of -66 dBm.
  • Provides up to +38 dBmV RF output signal over the entire optical input range, allowing a greater number of drops or splits.
  • Wide optical input range of -8 dBm to +4.5 dBm permits the use of a lower power transmitter, lowering system cost.
  • Capable of responding to changing system requirements with field-installable return path modules.
  • Digitally adjustable built-in RF attenuator and equalizer settings allow for accurate adjustment of parameters via an LCD screen.
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The Force CATV Linx Model 2807 working with either the Model 2804 PDS or 2805 PNS transmitter, provides CATV distribution headend operators with an extensive array of features that offer a low-cost solution to increase system performance. The unit provides an output of +38 dBmV of RF over the entire optical input range, allowing multiple RF splits without the use of an external RF amplifier. Additionally, the mini-node’s ability to operate over a wide optical input range of -8 to +4.5 dBm allows for a variety of system designs without degrading performance. An LCD display allows the operator to accurately set the tilt and RF output levels to ensure quality of service. The Model 2807 mini-node can be ordered either with or without the return path module. A separate return path module may also be ordered, allowing for a quick factory upgrade or laser replacement. The return path module utilizes either an FP or DFB laser. The modular design of the Model 2807 offers the flexibility and performance demanded by today’s broadband professional.

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