Force – CATVLinx-2808 – PDS/PNS 77/110 Ch. CATV VSB/AM Single-mode Receiver – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.  Please refer to our Fiber Optic Nodes

  • Wide bandwidth of 40 to 860 MHz accommodates up to 110 channels on all models.
  • Provides excellent picture quality with a CNR up to 54.5 dB, CSO of -63, and CTB of -66 dBm.
  • RF Output up to +28 dBmV allows a greater number of drops or splits.
  • Wide optical input range of -8 dBm to +4.5 dBm permits the use of a lower power transmitter, reducing system cost.
  • Built-in, universal AC power supply frees system user from bulky wall-mount AC adapters.

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The Force CATVLinx Model 2808 working with Model 2804 PDS or 2805 PNS transmitter, provides CATV distribution headend operators with an extensive array of features that offer a low-cost solution to increase system performance. The unit provides an RF output of +28 dBmV, allowing multiple RF splits without the use of an external RF amplifier. The Model 2808 is equipped with a manual gain control that allows the user to adjust the RF output level for optimum performance. Additionally, the receiver’s ability to operate over a wide optical input
range of -8 to +4.5 dBm allows for a variety of system designs without degrading performance. The Model 2808 can transport up to 110 CATV channels using the entire high-frequency bandwidth, or alternatively, it can transport up to 80 channels of standard CATV signals while utilizing the remaining high-frequency bandwidth to transport 30 digital QAM channels. The receiver includes a universal AC power supply, freeing the user from a bulky wall-mount AC adapter. The streamline design of the Model 2808 offers the flexibility and performance demanded by today’s broadband professional.

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