Force – CATVLinx-2903 – 25 Ch. CATV VSB/AM 1550 nm – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please refer to this Optical Transmitter.

  • Up to 25 Channels on One SM Fiber
  • Low Cost
  • Wide Bandwidth: 2-350 MHz
  • Supports Transmission of Sub-band, Low-band, FM, Mid-band, and High-band Channels
  • Utilizes Inputs from Standard CATV VSB/AM Modulators, Processors, etc.
  • Built-In RF Input Level Indicator in Tx for Easy Setup
  • Compatible with Standard Television Industry Voltage and Impedance Levels
  • Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (CNR) to 51 dB
  • 1550 nm Operation to 50 km
  • Compact Size, Rugged Package
  • FC/APC Optical Connector Standard; SC/APC Optical Connector Optional
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The CATVLinx Series Force, Incorporated Model 2903 25 Channel VSB/AM Video Link provides a high-quality system for transferring up to 25 video channels over single-mode optical fiber with complete EMI immunity. The unit offers exceptional analog bandwidth from 2 MHz to over 350 MHz allowing transmission of all sub-band channels, low-band channels, FM channels, and mid-band channels. The lowest high-band channels may also be accommodated. The best performance will be achieved when the channel plan is designed to contain all of the channels within a single octave of bandwidth. In conjunction with a VCR, a camcorder, or cable television feed, the Model 2903 can transmit TV channels, along with their sound carriers, over a distance of 50 km or more at 1550 nm, over one single-mode fiber. A basic channel plan for the 25 channel link is TV channels G through I, Channels 7 through 13, and Channels J through AA. Other plans are possible. The carrier-to-noise (CNR) ratio is typically 51 dB at low optical loss. The units also offer exceptional performance at lower channel loadings.