Force – SpectraLinx-3000 – 3RU Teleport Fiber Optic Transport System – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please refer to this Optical Transport.

  • Model 3000 optically transports the entire L-Band frequency range (950-2150 MHz) and is designed to operate in stringent teleport environments.
  • The modular transmitter design allows the user to choose a variety of options for impedance, packaging, wavelength, and optical connector type.
  • User-selectable gain controls allow for automatic, manual, and fixed gain adjustments in the field.
  • 3RU chassis mounted modules are hot-swappable to ensure maximum system up-time.
  • The 3RU chassis accommodates eight transmitters and/or receivers with redundant power supplies for system reliability.
  • The Model 3000 is format independent and provides a -20 dB RF test point for ease of use, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

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The SPECTRALinx brings a state-of-the-art modular approach to the demanding Teleport environment. Spanning the entire L-Band frequency range (950-2150 MHz), the link employs a number of feature rich components to create a highly reliable system. The 3RU rack-mount modules may be specified for conventional 1310 nm or 1550 nm operation, CWDM operation or DWDM operation. CWDM or DWDM optics greatly expand the potential capacity of installed optical fibers by allowing up to 16 separate transmitters to be accommodated on one single-mode fiber. Both the transmitter and the receiver may be specified for 75 Ohm or 50 Ohm inputs. The transmitter also provides +18 Volts DC for LNB power. The 3RU rack chassis configuration offers increased system reliability via dual, redundant power supplies and hot-swappable modules. The system provides a -20 dB RF test point and other test points to determine laser current draw, laser cooler current draw, receiver photo current, receiver AGC detect (RF) level, and ground, further ensuring proper Teleport system operations.

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