IAdea – XMP-2200/2300 – HTML5 Digital Signage Web Appliance


  • Optimized for HTML5 and multimedia content
  • Robust for large-scale deployments
  • Supported by most management solutions

Suitable for:

  • Point-of-sale dynamic information
  • Transit arrival/departure displays
  • Electronic menu boards
  • Management information charting
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The IAdea XMP-2200/2300 is the industry’s first media appliance to combine the flexibility of HTML5 with the interoperability of SMIL, and compatible with most leading management solutions. It is your best tool for deploying large scale digital signage projects that require integration with dynamic information.

Optimized for HTML5 and multimedia content

Digital signage increasingly depends on dynamic content to attract the viewers. The XMP-2200/2300 is optimized for displaying dynamic content retrieved via the Internet, be it from RSS feeds, news, weather, financial stats, sports scores, or even social network updates. The same technology enables pulling live data from a database to show transit arrival/departure information, service queue status, and corporate-level management information. 3D acceleration hardware in the device gives great visual appeal by rendering the latest animation and transition effects for use in slide shows, tickers, etc. In addition, video is decoded in hardware for uncompromised visual quality.

Designed for large-scale deployments

Harnessing years of experience in large digital signage networks, the XMP-2200/2300 is designed with robustness in mind. The hardware operates without a fan, while ruggedized metal housing provides optimal protection and heat dissipation. System storage utilizes 4GB of dedicated, shock-resistant solid state memory, capable of holding hours of multimedia content without the risk of crashing. A hardware watchdog timer ensures that in the rare event of failure, the device automatically recovers without human intervention.

Supported by most management solutions

The XMP-2200/2300 works with most leading digital signage management software and SaaS services in the industry via the W3C HTML5 and SMIL open standard. It opens you to myriad of great and proven solutions to ensure the success of your digital signage project.

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