Lynx – L-TVDN – Television and Data Network

  • Delivers RF television and other services on a shared Cat 5/6 cable. The other services could be internet TV, or IPTV/streaming video, or data, or VoIP, or data and VoIP
  • Distributes up to 640 digital channels or 210 HD channels of cable TV or SMATV
  • Simplifies cable requirements
  • Enables simultaneous deployment of both RF and IP technologies
  • Delivers the RF television without using any bandwidth on the network
  • Reduces costs by sharing the cable
  • Improves reliability
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HD Television and Internet TV, data, or VoIP on a shared Cat 5/6 cable
The Lynx Television and Data Network simultaneously delivers up to 210 HD channels, 640 digital channels, or 134 analog channels on pair 4 of a Cat 5/6 cable. Pairs 2 and 3 deliver 100BASE-T Ethernet which can transport internet TV, IPTV/streaming video, data, VoIP, or data and VoIP. This technology provides access to conventional RF television as well as internet TV or other internet services – all on a single cable!

The Lynx Television and Data Hub uses RF baluns to convert coaxial TV signals into balanced signals that travel on pair 4 of the UTP cable. Internet TV, streaming video, data, VoIP, or data and VoIP enter the back of the hub via RJ-45 jacks, and pass through to the front on pairs 2 and 3. At the point of use a Lynx converter changes the television signals back to coaxial signals accessible via an F connector. The internet TV, streaming video, data, or data and VoIP signals are accessible via RJ-45 jacks.

Unlike internet TV and streaming video, the RF television signals do not travel on the data network and do not use any bandwidth on the network itself. They simply use the copper pathway in the last 100 meters of UTP cable. Delivering multiple services on one twisted pair cable makes a structured cabling network more powerful and cost effective than ever. It eliminates the need to install and maintain both twisted pair and coaxial cable.

The Lynx Network increases system flexibility because new TVs can be added in any location where Cat 5/6 is available. The homerun cabling is very reliable because unlike coax there are no taps and splitters between the wiring closet and the TV. A patented RF balun is the centerpiece of the Lynx design. A pair of send/receive baluns delivers a clean RF signal to each TV. The Lynx equipment is bi-directional and does not require power. External amplifiers compensate for cable and insertion losses.

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