Multicom – MUL-ADSSDE – Formed Wire Dead-end for ADSS Cable

  • Components strength – 6,500 lbs.
  • Maximum initial tension – Up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Maximum loaded tension – Up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Aluminum and aluminium-clad steel
  • Pliable latex coating & flared rod end




The Multicom Formed Wire Dead-end for ADSS Cable is a dielectric Dead-end designed to terminate short span, low tension ADSS fiber optic cables in low voltage environments. The Dead-end is reduced to a single layer component that offers an economical solution for very light loads. The product effectively transfers the low axial load on the cable at the end of the Dead-end legs to low uniform radial compression near the Dead-end loop.

Superior Fatigue Strength: The small diameter wires that comprise each Dead-end are a mixture of
aluminum and aluminum-clad steel to assure long term performance. Dead-end performance depends
upon a number of factors including cable brand and design, tension load requirements, temperature and environmental operating conditions among others. The Multicom Dead-end has a pliable latex coating and flared rod end treatment that avoids possible damage to the cable jacket during and after installation.

1. Loop Length: Length from the color code marking to the end of the loop.
2. Loop Diameter: The loop has a formed diameter designed to interface with standard fittings.
3. Color Code: The Dead-end color code or crossover mark locates the beginning of Dead-end contact with the cable during installation. It is used for identification as well.
4. Dead-end Legs: The legs wrap onto the cable beginning at the crossover mark.
5. Flared Rod Ends: Special rod end treatment to prevent jacket damage.
6. Latex Coating: Pliable coating applied over the Dead-end legs.
7. Product ID Tag: Tag includes product description and application information.
8. Pitch Length: The distance along the leg that represents one complete wrap of the formed helix around the circumference of the cable (360 degrees).

Multicom’s MUL-ADSSDE comes in these Part#s / size variations. Please refer to the Spec Sheet:

  • MUL-ADSSDE-8.5/9.5
  • MUL-ADSSDE-9.5/10.5
  • MUL-ADSSDE-10.6/11.6
  • MUL-ADSSDE-11.7/12.8
  • MUL-ADSSDE-12.9/14.1
  • MUL-ADSSDE-14.2/15.6
  • MUL-ADSSDE-15.7/17.3
  • MUL-ADSSDE-17.4/19.1

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8.5/9.5, 9.5/10.5, 10.6/11.6, 11.7/12.8, 12.9/14.1, 14.2/15.6, 15.7/17.3, 17.4/19.1

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