Multicom – MUL-ADSSDE-WEDGE1 – Dead-end Clamp for ADSS

  • Galvanized steel cable
  • Tool free installation with sliding wedges inside the body
  • Easy-open bail permits fixing to brackets and pigtails
  • Quick and easy adjustable bail length
  • Versatile with multiple installation options
  • Additional cable ranges available


The Multicom MUL-ADSSDE-WEDGE1 Wedge-style Deadend is designed for fast, easy, and reliable installation of ADSS aerial fiber optic cable from 8 to 20mm. The aluminum deadends are designed for higher load applications. The conical body contains a pair of sliding wedges that mechanically couple to the cable without causing damage to the sheath or fibers, providing a secure grip without fear of signal loss.

Multicom’s MUL-ADSSDE-WEDGE1 comes in these Part#s / size variations. Please refer to the Spec Sheet:

  • MUL-ADSSDE-WEDGE1-.354/.472

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