Multicom – MUL-AMOD750 – Agile Modulator

  • Channels 2-118, fully agile modulator
  • SAW filtered for maintenance/interference-free adjacent channel placement
  • 55dBmV RF output level, typical
  • Phase lock loop frequency control
  • None-volatile memory maintains channel selection in event of power loss
  • Two-digit red LED display and control for convenient monitoring and operation
  • Switching power supply for installation flexibility and precise voltage regulation
  • Designed to fit in a standard 19” rack
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The Multicom MUL-AMOD750 is a commercial-grade, SAW filtered, frequency agile analog modulator that offers the same high quality as fixed analog modulators but with the freedom and flexibility of changing the output channel from CH 2 through 118. It provides system operators the engineering ease and flexibility required with new headend deployments, upgrades, and system maintenance.

The modulator is used to convert a single composite AV input from any of a variety of sources into an RF output. The Multicom MUL-AMOD750 is flexible, user friendly, and is easy to use for both Residential and Commercial applications. The engineers behind the technology of this Modulator made sure that the design will perform with long term stable operation, reliability, and high quality video output.

MUL-AMOD750 – Front and Back Panel Views

The Multicom MUL-AMOD750 can be used for composite Audio/Video sources such as Satellite Receivers, DVD players, Digital Signage Media Players, Security Cameras, computers, and more. Plug in the composite video and audio source and select the output channel desired.

Also see Multicom’s MUL-AMOD860-K – High Bandwidth Agile Modulator

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