Multicom – MUL-FOSCLAMP-ADSS3 – Suspension Clamp for ADSS

  • Galvanized steel clamp
  • UV resistant neoprene sleeve insert
  • For suspension spans up to 150 meters
  • Versatile with multiple installation options
  • No special tools needed


The heavy-duty Multicom MUL-FOSCLAMP-ADSS3 suspension clamp is a versatile, and reliable solution for securing and suspending ADSS cable up to 150 meters. The versatility of the clamp allows the installer to either fix the clamp to the pole using a through bolt or band.

Multicom’s MUL-FOSCLAMP-ADSS3 comes in these Part#s / size variations. Please refer to the Spec Sheet:

  • MUL-FOSCLAMP-ADSS3-.394/.591
  • MUL-FOSCLAMP-ADSS3-.591/.787

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.394/.591, .591/.787

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