Multicom – MUL-FSPLICE-200 – Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer

  • FAST 7 Second Splicing (optional)
  • ULTRA-FAST 9 Second Heat Shrinking (optional)
  • Drop/Impact, Dirt/Dust and Water Resistant
  • Core-to-Core, State-of-the-Art Fiber Profile Alignment System (PAS)
  • 3 Year USA Warranty – USA Service and Support
  • Quick-change Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • German Design, USA & Japanese Technology
  • See all of the additional features, below
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The tough and rugged Multicom MUL-FSPLICE-200 Core-to-Core Alignment Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer is drop/impact, dirt/dust and water resistant. Multicom is proud to provide a 3 Year USA Warranty, and all USA Service and Support.

The splicer employs high-speed image processing and special positioning technology allowing the fusion splicing to be completed in as little as a FAST 7 seconds and can heat shrink in as little as an ULTRA-FAST 9 seconds. The splicer is compact in size, lightweight, and is ideal to work just about anywhere including harsh outdoor environments, dark and remote worksites.

Want proof? See the video:

Fully automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual Operating Modes:

  • Automatic detection of fiber cleaved face quality
  • Automatic display of cleaved fiber and the offset angles
  • Automatic analysis and estimation of splice loss
  • Automatic detection of bad/faulty splice
  • Automatic detailed data report record and memory storage for each splice (up to 10,000 splices)

The Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Kit Includes all of the above

Additional Features to those listed above:

  • Automated 2N splice tension test
  • Handy, easy-to-carry, solid and durable with shock-resistant design
  • Enhanced windproof fusion area cover
  • 5″ Color High Definition LCD and graphical interface
  • English, French and Spanish languages, user-selectable
  • Single X or Y view, or X and Y simultaneously – up to 400x magnification
  • High quality electrodes with up to 3,500 splicing cycles
  • Easy user-replaceable electrodes design (set of spare electrodes included)
  • Wide range of fusion and heating parameter defaults and options
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, air pressure sensors and automatic arc correction
  • Intelligent power indicator, auto power-off and quick-change battery
  • Built-in heat shrink heater: Easy to use, quick, customizable parameters
  • Data reports can be downloaded to PC and system upgrades can be uploaded
    via USB port and cable
  • Built-in work lights make optical-fiber placement easier and more accurate, even
    at night or in dark work areas
  • High precision 4 motor drive design


  • Singlemode: ITU-T G.652A/B/C/D and ITU-T G.657A/B
  • Multi-mode: ITU-T G.651)
  • DS – Dispersion Shift: ITU-T G.653
  • NZDS – Non-Zero Dispersion Shift: ITU-T G.655

Universal Fiber Holders Visible with Cover Open

The MUL-FSPLICE-100 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Kit Includes:

  • MUL-FSPLICE-200 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
  • Quick-change rechargeable lithium battery
  • Universal fiber optic fiber holders
  • Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver
  • USB Thumb Drive with Operating Manual
  • Hardcopy of Operating Manual
  • Splice-on Connector Adapter
  • Non-conductive Tweezers
  • 3-Hole Fiber Stripper
  • Sheathing Stripper
  • Power Cord & AC Adapter
  • Spare Electrodes
  • Heat Shrink Cooling Tray
  • Cleaning Bulb
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case with Work Shelf
  • Cleaning Alcohol Dispenser

Multicom is so confident in our High Precision and Rugged Fusion Splicer, we have prepared the following comparisons to gain your confidence as well:

Quality Makes a Difference – Check out: Precision Multicom Products vs. ‘Other

How does the Multicom MUL-FSPLICE-200 stack-up when compared to our competitors? See the exclusive Multicom Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Comparison Chart to see for yourself.

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