Multicom – MUL-MS-3/4 – 3×4 Satellite IF Multiswitch

  • Compatible with Direct to Home satellite
  • Interface design allows satellite and antenna signals to be combined and routed to 4 outputs
  • Wideband input from 40 up to 2150 MHz
  • Available in:
    • Epoxy back (MUL-MS-3/4-E)
    • Solder back (MUL-MS-3/4-S)
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  • High Performance, surface mount printed-circuit board design ensures high port-to-port isolation for spurious protection to minimize channel interaction and reduce picture distortion
  • High output low return loss ports specifically designed to reduce micro-reflections and lower harmonic distortions
  • High-performance PIN diode matrix reduces polarity transfer time and digital artifacts
    providing high quality video output

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Epoxy back, Solder back

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