Multilink – 712XXK – 10, 16, & 21-inch Sno-Shoes®

  • Prevents macrobends in the fiber optic cable
  • Non-conductive body prevents damage to stored cables during lightning or
    other high voltage conditions
  • Molded UV Inhibited plastic body eliminates the cutting hazards presented by
    metal units
  • Flexible plastic body maintains its shape during aerial strand movements unlike
    metal units
  • Eliminates the need for costly slack storage vaults in the fiber plant


Designed to be extremely craft friendly, the 10, 16 and 21-inch Sno-Shoes® are capable of handling the higher fiber count cables and longer wavelengths currently being deployed in the Broadband Industry. Sno-shoes® are used to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. They also act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The design of the Sno-Shoe® adds greater functionality and flexibility to the overall unit.

User friendly design includes:

  • Patented Cable Trough™ design allows the installer to simply lay the cable in the trough,
    leaving both hands free to secure the cable to the unit.
  • Over-sized slots along the cable troughs to accommodate either tie wraps or stainless steel
  • Non-captive area and the multiple holes throughout the cable trough allow for increased
    water drainage and reduced ice loading.
  • Countersunk nut wells allow easy one tool installation.
  • An optional stacking kit is available to accommodate multiple cables.

Additional Benefits:

  • Establishes proper installation practices within telephone and utility regulations
  • Solves spacing problems on the pole
  • Large trough increases cable storage capacity
  • Non-conductive, molded plastic body increases overall system reliability by
    eliminating cable damage from the storage device
  • Flexible plastic body absorbs the rigorous shocks associated with strand movement without becoming permanently deformed like many metal devices.
  • Available with strand or ADSS mounting (brackets included)

The Multilink Sno-Shoe® is available in the following sizes and bracket type:

  • Part# 71211K – 10” Sno-Shoe w/ Standard Tap Brackets
  • Part# 71220K – 10” Sno-Shoe w/ ADSS Mounting Brackets
  • Part# 71244K – 16” Sno-Shoe w/ Standard Tap Brackets
  • Part# 71215K – 16” Sno-Shoe w/ ADSS Mounting Brackets
  • Part# 71221K – 21” Sno-Shoe w/ Standard Tap Brackets
  • Part# 71226K – 21” Sno-Shoe w/ ADSS Mounting Brackets

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Size/Bracket Type

10" Tap, 10" ADSS, 16" Tap, 16" ADSS, 21" Tap, 21" ADSS

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