Olson Technology – OTD-3000 – Frequency Agile TV Demodulator Note: PAL versions are no longer available

  • Any input from Ch. 2 (55.25MHz) to UHF Ch. 69 (801.25MHz)
  • Available with remote control and sub-band input capabilities
  • Broadband security network demodulator
  • Microwave applications requiring composite video outputs
  • Standby input tuner for heterodyne processor applications
  • MPX audio output for broadcast stereo applications
  • Two video outputs
  • Selectable composite output
  • 4.5MHz audio output
  • Low power consumption
  • Available in four standards, NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I, and PAL D


The model OTD-3000 is a full featured agile demodulator series that is available in four standards, NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I, and PAL D. The OTD-3000 will demodulate NTSC frequencies from 55.25MHz (Ch. 2) to 801.25MHz (UHF Ch. 69), and PAL frequencies from 48.25MHz to 855.25MHz, including all cable channels. Sub-Band input and/or Remote Control capabilities are available as optional features. Locally controlled channel selection is by front panel DIP switches. The OTD-3000 features two video outputs, a subcarrier output, rear panel selectable composite video output, and a 600 ohm balanced audio output. A multiplex audio output is also provided for stereo applications, along with an I.F. output port which allows the unit to be utilized as a frequency agile input tuner for processor applications.

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