Olson Technology – OTM-4870 – Frequency Agile 870MHz Modulator

  • Frequency agile from 48.25 to 865.25MHz
  • Microprocessor controlled by front panel push buttons
  • LCD displays channel or test description
  • Greater than 80dB out-of-band carrier to noise ratio
  • +60dBmV high output level
  • Video AGC selectable
  • Composite IF loop for up-converer applications
  • Dual high level IF loops
  • Auxiliary IF for EAS compatibility
  • BTSC stereo and sap compatible
  • Low power consumption for reliability
  • Available in NTSC or PAL formats


The OTM-4870 has all the high end features required by the most sophisticated users of 100+ channels in cable televisions systems. Output frequencies may be selected by frequency in 12.5KHz increments or by channel designation. EIA or OLSON channel plans can be selected for standard channel, HRC or IRC assignments. SAW Filtering and OLSON TECHNOLOGY system design factors insure an out-of-band C/N ratio greater than 80dB while maintaining an RF output level of +61dBmV over the entire operating frequency range of the OTM-4870. The OTM-4870 up converter section is a high performance tuner with excellent Phase Noise (>90dBc) and frequency response that exceeds DOCSIS and CMTS specifications.

Open Spec Sheet