Open-Mesh – OM2P – OM2P 802.11g/n 150 Mbps Access Point with External Antenna – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. Please refer to our Ubiquiti products as a substitute.

The OM2P 802.11n (802.11g compatible) wireless access point is ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to share a connection. Examples include hotels, apartments, neighborhoods, coffee shops, shopping malls, campgrounds, and marinas.

The OM2P now features 23dBm power (200 mW) at even the highest speeds (5-8 dBi higher than most business class access points). With an external antenna with standard RP-SMA connector, it provides the the flexibility to work with 3rd-party external antennas.

Note that since the antenna is external, it does not work with the ceiling or Ethernet wall jack enclosures. For indoor installations, we recommend the OM2P-LC or OM2P-HS models. The LC is virtually identical but with an internal antenna and 20 dBm power.

Open-Mesh OM Series access points are compatible with passive 12-24v PoE. (Note this is not 802.3af PoE compatible, so the OM2P cannot be powered with standard PoE switches.) Passive POE keeps costs low, reduces heat dissipation and allows for the most compact size possible. We sell a line of PoE injectors and power supplies to power these access points.

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150 Mbps 802.11n mini cloud-managed access point with passive 12-24v (NON 802.3af) POE support, dual Ethernet ports and a single external antenna.

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