Pico Digital – TA52 – 806MHz UHF/VHF/FM High-Gain Launch Amplifier – DISCONTINUED

Please see TA-36 Off Air Amplifier for equivalent


The Pico Macom TA52 MATV launch amplifier provides a high 52dB gain output with extremely low noise and distortion. High reliability and rugged design make this amplifier ideal for medium to large MATV systems. The TA52 provides dual switchable input attenuators that protect the amplifier input from overdrive distortion by reducing the input signal level before the first amplifier stage. Front panel accessible controls provide optimum signal level adjustment. The internal band-split multiplexer accommodates separate UHF and VHF inputs, thereby reducing first stage amplifier channel loading improving distortion performance and ensuring the highest level of picture quality. Alternately, combined VHF and UHF signals from a broadband antenna can be inserted into the VHF input. The TA52 is equipped with a switchable FM (88-108 MHz) trap, which employs high-quality filters to remove strong local radio stations that cause picture distortion. Its wide bandwidth ideally suits the TA52 for use in MATV apartment distribution systems. The TA52 is commonly used as the launch amplifier following Pico Macom’s MX7 and MX4U signal combiners used to balance signals prior to amplification, thus enabling maximum amplifier output capability. An internal power supply provides the convenience of a fully self-contained unit that can be mounted on a standard 19” rack.

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