PLP – Defender Splice Case & Closure Protection


The COYOTE Defender provides added protection for a) COYOTE Splice Case sizes 6.5”, 8”, and 9.5” up to 28” long and b) COYOTE Closure sizes 6.0” and 8.5” – all lengths. The Mounting Frame comes assembled from the factory. Hinge Brackets and Vertical Bracket components are fastened with 5?16” x 1” long self tapping screws. The Hinge Brackets are positioned 19” apart to mount the 28” long COYOTE Splice Cases. All other Splice Cases and Closures are accommodated with the Adjustable Horizontal Bracket. Two large doors and the mounting frame surround the closure or splice case and allow easy access for future maintenance or expansion. The frame can be installed first, followed by each door (each door weighs 38#) thus reducing the chore of lifting a bulky steel unit – this makes the Lineman’s task manageable and less hazardous.

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