RMS – 2018GBTRKxx – 8 way, 1GHz vertical port directional coupler – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

  • Bandwidth 5MHz to 1GHz
  • RFI Shielding > -120dB
  • Micro-strip designed PCB for consistency of specifications and superior total bandwidth characteristics
  • Premium ferrites, resistors and capacitors
  • Laminated ID label that will not fade
  • Zinc housing that is chromated and plated for maximum corrosion resistance


The RMS 2012 (2-Way) , 2014 (4-Way) & 2018 (8-Way) directional couplers (Taps) are ideal for indoor/outdoor applications that do not require power passing. The 2014/2018’s can be joined together using a double male connectors (F71). This family is also ”Digital Friendly”

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