Strand Wire EHS Class A

Available in multiple sizes including:

  • 1/4″
  • 3/8″
  • 7/16″
  • 1/2″
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Bekaert offers 7 wire Guy Strand in the widest variety of strengths and coatings available in the market.

Superior Coating Technology:
Bezinal is Bekaert’s industry leading coating technology with unsurpassed corrosion resistance. Bezinal is a 95% Zinc + 5% Aluminum (+Mischmetal) eutectic alloy that exhibits remarkable corrosion resistant properties by combining passivation corrosion characteristics present with aluminum together with the sacrificial protection offered by the zinc content of the alloy. With superior formability, longevity, and durability, Bezinal is an ideal solution to your wire needs.

Coatings range from Class A through our longer lasting Bezinal(R) coatings. All Strand exceeds ASTM specification and is TL-9000 certified.

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1/4", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"

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