Televes – 5338 – DTKom Line Broadband Multiband Amplifier

  • Pre-equalization and equalization stages
  • Intuitive front cover, including adjustments and block diagram
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws


DTKom Line Broadband Multiband Amplifier, remotely powered – 1 input: VHF/UHF

High-power multiband amplifier with multiple controls on the front end, which design uses components that minimize the total noise figure. Equipped with 1 VHF/UHF input and 1 output (line).

The multiband amplifier is equipped with remote power feeding, in other words, it can power or be powered with direct current through the coaxial cable.

  • Separate amplification minimizes intermodulation between bands and provides high output levels
  • Designed using Push-Pull technology, which guarantees levels in the 123 dBμV range for terrestrial signals.
  • Includes a high-performance low-power consumption switch-mode power supply
  • High-screening Zamak chassis The design facilitates appropriate cooling
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