Televes – 534481 – MicroKom Line Multiband Amplifier – 1 GHz – Gain: 28/35 dB

  • Configurable gain on both the forward and the return channels
  • Attenuation and equalization adjustments on both the forward and the return channels
  • Integrated high-efficiency low-power consumption switch-mode power supply


MicroKom line multiband amplifier (1 GHz – Gain: 28/35 dB) – Active/passive return channel: 5-42 MHz

Class-4 line multiband amplifier, designed for the distribution of multimedia services in small or medium-size buildings. Characterized by providing plug-in jumpers in both the forward and the return channels. The forward channel’s gain is 28/35 dB; the return channel may be either passive or active (20 dB). The forward channel, up to 1006 MHz, makes it compatible with DOCSIS.

  • High output power
  • Test input and output (-20 dB)
  • High-screening Zamak chassis
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