Tripp Lite – SMART1500XL – 1500VA line interactive tower UPS system for 120V network applications

1.5kVA / 1500VA line interactive tower UPS system
120V output, Corrects brownouts and overvoltages from 75V to 147V
Expandable runtime, Status LEDs with load level and battery capacity display
USB & RS232 ports, 1 switched load bank, Hot-swap batteries
NEMA 5-15P input, 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets

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Tripp Lite’s SMART 1500XL intelligent, line interactive UPS system protects servers, networking accessories and telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Large internal batteries offer 20 minutes half load runtime and 7 minutes at full load during power failures. Runtime is expandable with the addition of BP36V15-2U (limit 1); BP36V42-3U (multi-pack compatible) and BP36V27-2US (multi-pack compatible) external battery packs. 1500VA/980 watt power handling capability supports a variety of networking, telecom and various other application types. Includes a total of 6 outlets, 1 of which can be individually powered on and off via software interface to selectively reboot remote equipment or to shed less significant loads to extend battery runtime for more critical equipment. Supports remote monitoring of UPS and site power conditions via built-in USB and DB9 monitoring ports. Includes PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with complete cabling. Notification of system status via 5 LEDs and multi-function audible alarms. Wall mountable with UPSWM wallmount bracket. Network-grade AC surge suppression protects equipment from damage and performance problems resulting from transient surges. Attractive, small-footprint tower housing uses less than 66 square inches of floor or desktop space.