Video Propulsion – FG-422D – Pro:Idiom Hospitality HDTV Transcoding Headend for DirecTV®

  • Convert up to 8 HDTV MPEG-4 programs to MPEG-2 in real time
  • Receive HD content from DIRECTV® COM23 receivers
  • Pro:Idiom® content protection with no in-room receivers or set top boxes
  • Output over existing coax infrastructure in the hotel
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Private channel playout
  • SNMP management for efficient remote monitoring and control
  • Automated configuration for fast and effective installation
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It is estimated that there is an installed base of nearly 1.5 million commercial Pro:Idiom® televisions that are capable of decoding only MPEG-2 video. DIRECTV® HDTV channels are delivered using MPEG-4 compression which will not play out on those TVs. VideoPropulsion’s FloodGate model FG-422D transcodes the MPEG-4 video content to MPEG-2 saving hospitality venues millions of dollars in television upgrades. Up to 8 premium HD channels per unit can be transcoded, and the ability to stack units for expanded capacity makes it suitable for most hotel HD channel lineups.

The FloodGate FG-422D delivers content with Pro:Idiom encryption technology, a Hollywood accepted standard for protecting content in commercial environments including hotels, motels, timeshares, hospitals, assisted living residences and other bulk commercial locations. System installation is straightforward for DIRECTV integrators and resellers. Each DIRECTV COM23 receiver outputs streams via an Ethernet port on the receiver. Those Ethernet streams are aggregated and managed through a VLAN capable switch and a FloodGate Provisioner into an Ethernet port on the FloodGate.

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