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View our full line of fiber optic products and accessories here
Read more about the Multicom Next Gen Fiber Optic Product Line here

Not only have we increased our product line by adding a number of new fiber optic products, but we have decreased our prices significantly on our most popular products. For example, our 1310 and 1550nm Fiber Optic Transmitters prices have been scaled down by up to 66% – and the new prices for our Fiber Optic Nodes have also been slashed dramatically. Why? Because as we manufacture more product the cost per product decreases – and at Multicom we believe in passing this saving on to you. Without sacrificing quality and still using Corning fiber throughout, Multicom is setting the new standard in fiber optic pricing and we want to prove it to you! Read More about the Next Gen Fiber Optic Product Line

fiber-passive-webMulticom’s Fiber Optic Passive Line has Increased – and Our Prices have Decreased! Multicom is known for being a pace-setter. This year we introduced our latest fiber optic passives line which sets a new standard for quality and price. No more sourcing products from multiple vendors when everything you need is under one roof! In addition, our system engineers and product specialists are at your service. Take advantage of the experience and expertise we have gained by being an industry leader for 30+ years. See the Multicom Fiber Optic Passives Here

Cost-Effective Fiber Patch Panels From Multicom – FOAP-6-SM-S-SC_APCMulticom is now stocking a full line of fiber optic patch enclosures and LGX style adapter panels. Adapter panels are available in all popular connectors in either simplex or duplex. Patch and adapter panels are manufactured with 18-gauge cold rolled, with electrostatic polyester powder coated steel construction for excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

This new line complements Multicom’s existing line of fiber optic passives including splitters (Rack Mount, LGX, Box and Tube), 1-144 count fiber, WDM, jumpers, pigtails, mating sleeves, and attenuators. Additionally Multicom has a complete line of active fiber optic products including 1310/1550 Transmitters, EDFA’s, return path receivers, nodes, and more.