Why do you need CWDM / DWDM?

Because it easily allows you to run more channels of higher bandwidth traffic over THE SAME FIBER!

CWDM and DWDM are both effective methods to solve the increasing bandwidth capacity needs and maximize the utilization of both new and existing fiber.

Simply put, the need to bury more fiber is eliminated – among a host of other advantages. Use what you have for a lot more! And there are many other considerations and options available that can save massive amounts of capital and monthly costs.

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DZS’s O-Series are environmentally hardened optical transport products that are optimized for high capacity and long-reach mobile backhaul scenarios and have completed the Telcordia/Ericsson OSMINE certification progress.

DZS’s O-Series product line offers a full range of Transparent Optical Layer 0/1 Transport Solutions ranging from 100M-400G and can provide various WDM / CWDM / DWDM / ROADM network infrastructure.

The 2RU, 5RU, and 7RU mounting shelves comprise its OMS Series Optical Transport Platform along with its compatible OMS networking cards. The OMS platform is modularized and highly scalable supporting full ROADM, amplified, and optical networks. OMS mounting shelves are compatible with OMS-type networking cards and are available in 7RU, 5RU, and 2RU footprints to meet different capacity needs and cooling requirements.