RFoG is a type of passive optical networking that proposes to transport RF signals that are now transported over copper (principally over hybrid fiber and coax cable), over a Passive Optical Network.

In the forward direction RFoG is either a stand alone Point to Multi-Point system or an optical overlay for existing Passive Optical Network (PON) such as Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON). Reverse RF support is provided by transporting the upstream or return path into on a separate return path or wavelength.

RFoG offers backwards compatibility with existing RF modulation technology, as a result the existing equipment located at the headend and customer premise can still be utilized. RFoG offers a means to support RF technologies in locations where only fiber is available, or where copper is not permitted or feasible. This technology is targeted towards Cable TV operators and their existing HFC networks.

Multicom Stocks a Wide Range of products for RFoG: Fiber Optic Transmitters, EDFA, Return Path Receivers, WDM, Optical Splitters, Nodes, and more.

Below is a typical RFoG Network.