Rack-ModFrom CATV Headends and Ethernet Networks, to Fiber Optics and Digital Signage; Multicom delivers the professionally engineered system you need. With our experienced engineers and state of the art CAD system, we deliver a comprehensive and professional solution for all types of businesses.

Multicom’s design and engineering team has earned the respect and trust of system operators and owners throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

All designs include:

  • Headend block diagram
  • Rack layout (see below)
  • Complete priced bill of materials
  • Expert consulting

Complete headend assembly is also available including, racking, balancing, custom crating and shipping for a guaranteed Plug & Play solution.

From Design to Assembly and Shipping Your End-to-End Solution

Multicom’s expertise is not only in the design of distribution systems, but also complete headend assembly by compiling the most efficient components for your required specifications.

Rack and Balancing

  • All equipment identified front and rear
  • Connecting cables labeled
  • Headend balanced to industry standards or custom requirements
  • Logical, efficient rack layout
  • Burn-in eliminates initial failure and downtime – ensuring long term reliable operation
  • All equipment is fully tested before shipment

Crating and Shipping

  • Racks are plastic-wrapped, palletized, framed, and covered in a protective shell
  • Critical components are fully supported
  • The finished crate is equipped with tilt indicators

Your End-to-End Solution

Our ‘In-House’ team of professionals have decades of experience in the assembly and construction of your customized system from concept through shipping. Multicom prides itself in providing comprehensive support and guidance from the installation phase, throughout ongoing operations, and later network expansions.

Building the crate_small

danny balancing