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Quick Fact: Fiber Optic technology is one of the “greenest” out there. It takes a lot more energy to send a sustained electric signal than it does a single flash of light. In this day and age where consumption has to be kept to a minimum, lower energy output and consumption means a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

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Quick Fact: Because fiber optic cable transmits light, not electricity, they don’t degrade over time like wire cables. They’re not affected by water, wind, ice, or extreme heat! Though they’re not immune to damage, they can take a lot more abuse than wire cables. In the long run, this means less cost for both you and the consumer.

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Did You Know:

  • Lightening strikes the Earth approximately 8 million times a day
  • When we are born we have 300 bones, but as we age some bones fuse and as an adult we have about 206 bones
  • 11% of the land on Earth is used for growing crops
  • 97% of the water on Earth is not drinkable
  • The diameter of the moon is approximately the distance from New York to Los Angeles
  • You cannot sneeze while asleep
  • Only 10% of the world’s population lives in the southern hemisphere
  • The average person walks the equivalent of 4 times around the Earth in their life
  • SILENT and LISTEN have the same letters

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