Netceed is a global leader in distribution, logistics, technical engineering, and product design with over 30 years of expertise and performance supporting the telecommunications and broadband industry.

We supply and distribute a comprehensive portfolio of passive and active equipment and tools for network deployment, upgrades, and maintenance, and offer a range of value-added services including CPE refurbishment & repair, outsourced procurement, and logistics solutions for cable and telecom operators, network installers and their subcontractors. We have strong, long-lasting relationships with industry-leading partners around the world and are dedicated to customer satisfaction and reliability.

We support cable operators, telecommunications service providers, rural utility providers, electric cooperatives, and contractors with a full range of products and solutions for seamless delivery of high-speed Internet, Video, Data, and Voice Services to Residential, Business, and Mobile Users.

With more than 80 locations across 19 countries, we’re shaping the future of communications networks across the globe.

Our presence spans the United States, France, the UK, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Austria, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Hong Kong, Morocco, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Our one-stop-shop makes it simple for you to purchase and install the products you need for your network. We maintain a thorough and efficient state-of-the-art distribution system, saving customers time and money with logistics expertise in warehousing, asset management, barcoding, scanning, configuration services, custom network deployment kits, transportation, and more.

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